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Automatic Screens

Highly effective screen and rake solutions by Aqira

Aqira Automatic Screens – Effective trash screening and raking solutions for optimal operations uptime

Trash screens prevent waterborne debris (sediment, weeds, dead animals, litter, household waste or any kind of waste) from entering water pump intakes. Such debris could cause blockages and significant damage to the machines which could result in flooding. W&G’s screens by Aqira relocates the potential for blockage and is designed so that it can be raked clean of debris mechanically and automatically.
The trash screen design will be dependent on many site-specific factors such as from the likelihood of the debris disposal options; from the type and size of debris to the depth of water.

A fully automated system could provide the most cost-effective solution. W&G engineers have experience working with various companies, contractors and other consultants to provide conceptual and detailed designs for screens that fit very specific requirements.

For more information, get in touch with our engineers to find the best solution for you.